Foot Switches

An Electrical Switch

Foot Switches - An Electrical Switch

What Type of Foot Switches Exist

1The devices are used for foot switch operated machines including many tools, sewing machines, riveting machines, wrapping machines, and more. Electronic foot switches and pedals for instruments is another type of foot switch that you are often going to see. The switches are used in many different types of industrial processes today as well. You can find some complex setups as well that might include two or more foot switches that operate different things. Some have other elements to them, such as protective guards on a machine that need to be in place before the foot switch will cause the machine to operate. This can be the case with point of operation switches when operating dangerous or heavy machinery.

You will also be able to find some USB foot switches, which can connect to a number of different devices and offer plug and play functionality. These types of foot switches can actually recreate functions from a mouse or a keyboard.