Foot Switches

An Electrical Switch

Foot Switches - An Electrical Switch

What kind of Switch Environments Exist

13When you are choosing a foot switch, you have to think about how you are going to use it. This will ensure that you have the right switch for the job. The following are some of the types of environments in which you will normally use these switches, and when you are shopping for the switch, the manufacturer is generally going to be clear about what type of environment the switch is going to be able to work in.

•Heavy Duty– Foot switches rated for these environments are going to be extremely durable and able to stand up to a substantial amount of punishment. These are often going to have strong metal housings, and they will have high IP ratings.
• Industrial Duty– Foot switches that fall into this category will be perfect for the majority of industrial uses out there, even regular heavy usage.
•Light Duty – Those who are in the medical field, for example, will find that the light duty foot switches are often going to work well. They could also work in tattoo parlors, on sewing machines, and more.
•Low Profile – This means that the device is only going to take up a small amount of space, and can work in environments where having more space is vital to operations.
• Medium Duty – These are going to be some good, general duty foot switches. They could work in the industrial environment, as well as a shop or garage, and an office.

Those who might be unsure of what type of foot switch to choose should contact a manufacturer or distributor who can help find the right type of foot switch for whatever needs you might have whether it is for personal and home use or for industrial use. It is even possible to create custom switches in case that is the best option for your usage.