Foot Switches

An Electrical Switch

Foot Switches - An Electrical Switch

What is Switch Operation

14These foot switches, because they have so many different uses, are going to have different types of operations. The following are the four types of switch operation you will find with these foot switches.

• Latching – These foot switches have a latch. When you press on the pedal, it will latch, and this will keep the footswitch running.
• Maintained – With these types of foot switches, you are going to need to keep pressure on the pedal to keep the current going and the device working.
• Momentary – These are going to turn the process on when you apply force to the pedal and will turn off the process as you remove the force. These are common with guitar pedals, sewing machines and the like.
• Slow Action – The slow action contacts will have a release position that’s the same as the operating position, and the speed of the actuator is going to control the travel speed of the contacts.